Post-pregnancy nutrition and exercise programs to repair and nurture your post-baby body.
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Post baby bodies are fragile! And there are no sick days for mum, so it’s important to care for yourself, to make sure you can care for your little ones.


With our medically endorsed exercise program, you’ll become a stronger, happier, more toned version of yourself in just three months. We’ll be with you every step of the way.


Nutritionally balanced recipes to complement your exercise program.


Video programs that increase in difficulty as you become stronger each week.

 “Minimum effort, maximum results for tired busy mums. Feel stronger in just 12 week. Results guaranteed!”

Who is Phoebe Parnell?

Get to know my journey, so I can come on yours with you.

After many struggles to lose weight after my first baby, I was shocked by the lack of information given by health care professionals in the postpartum follow up process. I realised there was a huge need to support other mothers to avoid the detrimental effects from things like lack of pelvic floor and core strength. I had way less flexibility and time for exercise in my life with my second child and I felt bad using that precious morning window to put my child in a creche at the gym, so I could exercise. 


My husband Mat supported me through the process of repair but he was busy with work so it was hard to have him train me all the time. So he filmed videos and created a flexible exercise plan for me and it was simple so it worked! I just shed the weight and toned up. I couldn’t believe it, I told everyone! 


I honestly believed I would never completely return to my original size yet I found myself smaller than my wedding size. So we refined and tested, shared exercise videos, researched the market, played with recipes and then, after a lot of blood sweat and tears, we created Body Shift. 


Let us support you through this challenging, sleep deprived stage of parenthood and make your journey a more well informed, positive process. Let us educate, train and help you set up healthy routines so you too can find balance in your life. Let’s enjoy a positive motherhood journey together! Because it takes a village to raise a child and it takes an amazing support network of friends and professionals to feel supported and cared for as a mother.


“If you don’t care about yourself you won’t be strong enough to care for anyone else.” - Leon Brown


XX Phoebe

Body Shift Program

Hey Aussie Mummas… Are you past the 12 week mark and ready to get your body back in shape? Are you shocked by your body post-birth and want to find YOU again? She’s still there, I promise! Let's get your body back with our 2 stage program.


Lacking in muscle tone?


Embarrassed by your appearance?


Time poor?





Want to insure you don’t lose
your pelvic floor muscles?


Lacking in motivation?

Want to get more time away from the
sink and less time preparing meals?

Just want to feel like you again?


Firm up?


Improve pelvic floor?


Find your core muscles again?


Feel more fit and able?


Feel more motivated, positive
and see the light again?


Learn tips on how to make the right decisions for the baby and insure you don’t cause any long term health issues for their posture, feet and general health?

At Body Shift we can help you get back to the real you.   |    SIGN UP TODAY

These exercises get straight to the point, they are realistic for training with a family life and I feel safe.

Cristy, 35, Marketing


The program was so flexible, the food was simple and family friendly and the results speak for themselves. I just couldn’t believe it could be that simple!

Diana, 36, School Teacher

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